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"Why is cobuna21 running slow? Application team just called in with issues. Can we get someone to check that server out? Is it IO, is it the SAN? Is it a memory issue like we had last February? Well, we want the server to be available, up and running *now*! The billing cycle is scheduled to start at 9:30 central tonight."

Sounds familiar?

US Binaries will help you to focus on your forte, be it finance or healthcare or utility. Let US Binaries handle your UNIX systems. Do you need to manage bare metal builds, migrations, upgrades, relocation, backups, restoration including your clustered or virtual environment in your data center? We will take care of your UNIX servers.p595


UNIX Systems

US Binaries is equipped to provide unique UNIX System Administration services to private and government establishments. We offer outstanding skills and experience accumulated through years of association with global leaders like IBM.Our skills are unique. We provide UNIX server installation, configuration and administration services including installation and support of:


HP Unix

AIX Administration

Our forte is AIX. We have skills to manage AIX 5.1 through AIX 6.1 including configuration and administration of :

  • VIO (Virtual IO)
  • LPARs (Logical PARtitions)
  • HACMP (High Availability Clustered Processors)

on p560-p590 pSeries systems.

Solaris and Linux Servers

We have also skills to manage LDOMs (Logical DOMains -Solaris version of Virtual server) on Sun T5200-T5440, Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis.p520

Linux environment including Redhat, Suse and CentOS implemented in critical business applications is also managed by US Binaries.

About US

We are specialized in UNIX System Administration. Our skills cover multitude of operations to manage and administer UNIX systems in data centers and hosted environments.

Yeah, it´s me!

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